Successful Sale of Resin Solar Lights in the Japanese Market

About our product

Our company is a dedicated manufacturer and seller of solar lighting fixtures. Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer in Japan regarding solar lights and their interest in our products. We engaged in active communication with the customer and recommended a variety of solar lighting fixtures based on their preferences and requirements.


After careful consideration, the customer ultimately chose a resin solar light. To ensure that the product met their expectations, we engaged in thorough communication with the customer, understanding their specific requirements for the design, material, and packaging. The customer expressed their desire for a sleek design, durable and eco-friendly resin material, and personalized packaging to enhance product appeal.

Based on the customer's requirements, our design team commenced the product design process. We created a detailed design proposal and engaged in multiple rounds of discussion and modifications with the customer. Through collaborative efforts, we finalized the product design.

During the sample production phase, we selected high-quality resin materials and utilized advanced manufacturing processes to create resin solar light samples. To ensure product quality and performance, we conducted rigorous internal inspections and ensured that the samples met relevant quality standards.

Once the samples were completed, we shipped them to the customer. The customer was highly satisfied with the samples and promptly provided their feedback and modification suggestions. We made further adjustments and improvements based on the customer's feedback, ensuring that the final product fully met their expectations.

To ensure compliance with regulations and standards in the Japanese market, we sent the product for comprehensive testing at accredited testing organizations. Through professional testing, we obtained testing reports, ensuring the safety, performance, and reliability of the product.

Simultaneously, during the large-scale production phase, we maintained close communication with the customer. We provided them with progress reports, including production schedules, quantities, and quality control measures. We also considered the customer's requirements for timely product delivery, ensuring on-time delivery.

Upon completion of the mass production, we conducted a final quality inspection and performed comprehensive product checks alongside the customer's designated quality inspector. Through stringent inspections, we ensured that the product quality met the customer's requirements and expectations.

Regarding product packaging and transportation arrangements, we closely collaborated with the customer, verifying transportation times and logistics details. After packaging, we ensured the timely delivery of the products to the port for warehouse shipment. Ultimately, the products were safely delivered to the customer, meeting their expectations.                 

The customer expressed great satisfaction with our collaboration and appreciated the product quality and efforts of our team. Due to the excellent quality of the product and positive customer feedback, this resin solar light has maintained a strong sales momentum in the Japanese market since its launch in November last year, continuously attracting orders.                 

SEEYOO Professional Outdoor Lighting Manufacture

The above is a detailed case study of our collaboration with this customer from Japan. Through close collaboration with the customer and careful arrangements in design, production, and delivery processes, we successfully met the customer's requirements, provided a high-quality resin solar light, and achieved successful sales in the market. We will continue to uphold our customer-centric approach, continuously improve product quality and services, and provide customers with an enhanced experience and cooperation.

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