Running&Safety Light

We found that it would be dangerous for people to run and ride outdoors without warning lamps, so we made different kinds of warning lamps for people who like outdoor sports to ensure the safety of outdoor activities.

Our safety lights can be made of different materials, such as aluminum alloy, plastic, etc., and can also be made according to your design and ideas.We provide OEM/ODM services,such as chest lights,safety reflective vest,running cycling arm guard,etc. We can manufacture safety lights with different lumens according to customers' needs. Each safety lights is a separate mold production.

All of our safety lights have passed CE and RoHS certification, and we can provide more certificates according to customer needs. In the case of quality assurance, we can also manufacture safety lights with good heat dissipation, strong performance and long battery life. We have a professional sales and service team that can provide the best quality products and the best prices.

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